Postcard Marketing and Personalized pURL with Variable Data

Complete End to End pURL’s and Postcard Mailings in 1 Week

pURL’s are a powerful way to market. Putting together a complete pURL program has a lot of moving parts. If you are seeking to take advantage of this technology quickly then we can deliver a very high quality program for you soup to nuts in about a weeks time from receipt of list, payment, copy and artwork/graphics.

Fill out the form to the right, or call us now at 781-990-8844 and we will get back to you regarding a super personalized direct response mail, web and e-mail program.

Once your prospect sees this direct mail postcard they then can go visit their pURL or their Personalized Landing Page with information specific to them.  The idea is to send out several postcards to the people who help refer the most business to you, they would then stick out in your mind.  The response rates can be significantly better than traditional direct mail rates.

Take a look at the live dynamic pURL landing page serving up multiple pieces of variable data to the end user.