Jim Peake
Direct Response Media Consultant
SpeechRep Media, Inc.

Jim has deep roots in the direct mail industry. In direct response since 1985 helping clients generate recurring revenue in direct mail and emerging technologies. Also, as an Internet Marketing Consultant and a Management Consultant strategically positioned and experienced in Internet (since 1994), with technology solutions around media, marketing and advertising.

Jim is a direct response marketer by trade, having spent the first half of his career in the printing and graphics arts field specifically direct mail. After working for several large web printing companies in the Midwest, he started a print brokerage serving financial services companies and Madison Avenue Advertising Agencies direct marketing divisions. Seeing the direct response potential in the Internet, Jim became the one of the lead sales professionals for one of the first interactive advertising agencies during the mid 1990’s as “employee #4″. That ad agency went public in the dot.com heyday. During that tenure, Jim was the catalyst for putting the Internet on the front page of every newspaper around the world with the watershed event of the Russian Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue Super Computer (Kasparov won the first match). During the dot.com bubble, Jim joined an MIT software start up that developed custom content management and e-commerce software all with the underlying direct response thesis of delivering relevant information to users. A few other software start-ups include: DRTV and Ad Networks. He later moved into internet publishing “cutting his teeth” on PPC and SEO. SEO became an area of interest and Jim has been successfully helping clients with their SEO since 2007, with his own direct response media consulting firm in Marblehead, MA. Jim is currently working with and has worked with EminentSEO almost since their inception. Jim is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, Internet Oldtimers Foundation, i-Advertising, BBB, MIT Enterprise Forum and Marblehead Professionals Group.

Brian Frye
Website Technology and Networking Consultant

Brian Frye’s passion for the computer and internet industries began at an early age when he developed and programmed his first websites.

Brian launched his first web service in 1999 with the development of n2v.net, a URL shortener/redirection service, which turned long website addresses into short, easy-to-remember URLs. After selling n2v.net, Brian started Sudbury Wireless in 2003, as Metro West Boston’s premier residential and small business onsite technology consulting service provider offering onsite computer repair, support, trouble shooting, installation and IT process implementation.

Today, Brian heads Magna Technology LLC, a website development, maintenance and technology consulting company serving a variety of small and medium business clients.

A graduate of Boston College Carroll School of Management, with a degree in Finance and Marketing. Brian combines that passion for computers with a strong background in web development. He leverages his skills and education to create innovative marketing campaigns that employ insightful and innovative internet technologies.